Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015)

No. 12

Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): -download PDF
Developmental competence of mammalian oocytes-insights into molecular research and the promise of microfluidic technology: a review
Kempisty B, Zawierucha P, Ciesiolka S, Piotrowska H, Antosik P, Bukowska D, Jeseta M, Nowicki M, Brussow KP, Zabel M
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 663-674abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Evaluation of effect of supplementation of extruded rice as a substitute for dried whey in the diet of weanling pigs
Mohana Devi S, Kim SC, Kim IH
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 675-682abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Interrelationships of body weight and bone weight with densitometric properties of tibiotarsal bone in geese during post-hatching development
Charuta A, Tatara MR, Dzierzecka M, Polawska E, Ptaszynska-Sarosiek I
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 682-690abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Assessment of oxidative stress in Flathead mullet (Mugil cephalus) and Gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata)
Fazio F, Piccione G, Saoca C, Caputo AR, Cecchini S
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 691-695abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Zeolite clinoptilolite as a dietary supplement and remedy for honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) colonies
Tlak Gajger I, Ribaric J, Matak M, Svecnjak L, Kozaric Z, Nejedli S, Smodis Skerl IM
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 696-705abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Emphysematous lesions in the right cranial lung lobe and torsion of the right medial lung lobe in a British shorthair cat: a case report

Dokic Z, Pirog W
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 706-711abstractdownload PDF

No. 11

Urinary biomarkers of renal function in dogs and cats: a review
Kovarikova S
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 589-602abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Humoral and cellular immune response to Histophilus somni recombinant heat shock protein 60 kDa in farm animals
Jankowska A, Bajzert J, Pisarek M, Rzasa A, Jawor P, Stefaniak T
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 603-612abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Incidence of bacterial pathogens in equine uterine swabs, their antibiotic resistance patterns, and selected reproductive indices in English thoroughbred mares during the foal heat cycle
Benko T, Boldizar M, Novotny F, Hura V, Valocky I, Dudrikova K, Karamanova M, Petrovic V
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 613-620abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Melatonin protects against burn-induced hepatic oxidative injury by inducing HO-1 via the Nrf2 pathway
Bekyarova G, Tzaneva M, Hristova M
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 621-628abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of dietary gamma-aminobutyric acid on egg production, egg quality, and blood profiles in layer hens
Park JH, Kim IH
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 629-634abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of caprylic acid and Yucca schidigera extract on growth performance, relative organ weight, breast meat quality, haematological characteristics and caecal microbial shedding in mixed sex Ross 308 broiler Dickens
Begum M, Hossain MM, Kim IH
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 635-643abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Changes in leukocyte counts, lymphocyte subpopulations and the mRNA expression of selected cytokines in the peripheral blood of dogs with atopic dermatitis
Hoskova Z, Svoboda M, Satinska D, Matiasovic J, Leva L, Toman M
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 644-653abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Reduction of Chlamydophila-felis-associated signs by roxithromycin treatment regimen in cats showing doxycycline intolerance
Ploneczka-Janeczko K, Bania J, Bierowiec K, Kielbowicz M, Kielbowicz Z
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 654-661abstractdownload PDF

No. 10

Original Paper
Serological and molecular detection of Anaplasma phagocytophilum in horses reared in Korea
Lee SH, Kim KT, Yun SH, Choi E, Lee GH, Park YS, Cho KH, Yi S, Kwon OD, Kim TH, Kwak D
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 533-538abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Post-calving administration of uterine stimulants does not improve reproductive performance in dairy cows
Holickova K, Dolezel R, Cech S
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 539-543abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of bromelain supplementation on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, blood profiles, faecal microbial shedding, faecal score and faecal noxious gas emission in weanling pigs
Hossain MM, Lee SI, Kim IH
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 544-552abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Simulation of a classical swine fever outbreak in rural areas of the Republic of Serbia
Stanojevic S, Valcic M, Stanojevic S, Radojicic S, Avramov S, Tambur Z
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 553-566abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Plasma ACTH, α-MSH and cortisol variations in the dog during the oestrous cycle in different photoperiods
Gallelli MF, Monachesi N, Miceli DD, Cabrera Blatter MF, Gomez NV, Meikle A, Castillo VA
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 567-577abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Risk factors for gastric dilatation and volvulus in central Europe: an internet survey
Uhrikova I, Machackova K, Rauserova-Lexmaulova L, Janova E, Doubek J
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 578-587abstractdownload PDF

No. 9

Original Paper
Relationship between acrosome integrity changes and in vitro fertilising ability of bovine spermatozoa
Reckova Z, Machatkova M, Machal L, Jeseta M
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 469-475abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Evaluation of platelet function in horses undergoing colic surgery using the PFA-100 platelet function analyser
Iwaszko-Simonik A, Graczyk S
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 476-482abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Determination of exposure to Fasciola hepatica in horses from Uruguay using a recombinant-based ELISA
Sanchis J, Suarez J, Hillyer GV, Hernandez JA, Solari MA, Cazapal-Monteiro C, Duque de Araujo AM, Madeira de Carvalho LM, Paz-Silva A, Sanchez-Andrade R, Arias MS
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 483-488abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of genotype on heat production and net energy value of a corn-soybean meal-based diet fed to growing pigs
Kiarie E, Kim IH, Nyachoti CM
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 489-498abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Levels of nitrogenous substances and amino acids in bodies of Ross 308 hybrid cocks and hens over the course of rearing
Strakova E, Suchy P, Navratil P, Herzig I, Machacek M
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 499-508abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Relationships between selected sperm characteristics and fertilisation success in the beluga sturgeon, Huso huso (Linnaeus, 1758)
Aramli MS, Kalbassi MR, Nazari RM, Sarvi K
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 509-514abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol on the immune responses of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Matejova I, Vicenova M, Vojtek L, Kudlackova H, Nedbalcova K, Faldyna M, Sisperova E, Modra H, Svobodova Z
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 515-521abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Enzootic ataxia associated with copper deficiency in a farmed red deer: a case report
Vengust G, Svara T, Gombac M, Zele D
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 522-526abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Clinical application of bone forming peptide-1 for nonunion fracture healing in a dog with Cushing’s disease: a case report
Kim S, Shim K, Yoon T, Kang S
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 527-531abstractdownload PDF

No. 8

Original Paper
Intraperitoneal lidocaine hydrochloride for prevention of intraperitoneal adhesions following laparoscopic genitourinary tract surgery in ewes
Mariano RSG, Uscategui RAR, Nociti RP, Santos VJC, Padilha-Nakaghi LC, Barros FFPC, Silva MAM, Malta CAS, Bonato DV, Vicente WRR, Teixeira PPM
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 403-406abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The influence of sex, age and season on the haematological profile of alpacas (Vicugna pacos) in Central Europe
Husakova T, Pavlata L, Pechova A, Tichy L, Hauptmanova K
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 407-414abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Associations between claw lesions and reproductive performance of sows in three Greek herds
Lisgara Μ, Skampardonis V, Angelidou E, Kouroupides S, Leontides L
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 415-422abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of a cypermethrin-based pesticide on early life stages of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
Richterova Z, Machova J, Stara A, Tumova J, Velisek J, Sevcikova M, Svobodova Z
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 423-431abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Characteristics and risk factors of dog aggression in the Slovak Republic
Matos RE, Jakuba T, Mino I, Fejsakova M, Demeova A, Kottferova J
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 432-445abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Pulmonary oedema in a hunting dog: a case report
Agudelo CF, Schanilec P
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 446-449abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Effects of the dexmedetomidine, midazolam, butorphanol, and atropine combination on plasma oxidative status and cardiorespiratory parameters in raccoon dogs (Nyctereutes procyonoides)
Feng XJ, Hu XY, Zhang S, Li JN, Fan HG
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 450-455abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
The lameness in a cryptorchid dog with intra-abdominal torsion of one of the two neoplastic testicles: a case report
Bufalari A, Proni A, Moretti G, Di Meo A, Pirico S
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 456-459abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Necrotising fasciitis, a potential threat following conservative treatment of a leucopenic cat: a case report
Plavec T, Zdovc I, Juntes P, Svara T, Ambrozic-Avgustin I, Suhadolc-Scholten S
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 460-467abstractdownload PDF

No. 7

Collie eye anomaly: a review
Palanova A
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 345-350abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Prophylaxis of post-weaning diarrhoea in piglets by zinc oxide and sodium humate
Trckova M, Lorencova A, Hazova K, Sramkova Zajacova Z
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 351-360abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript immunoreactive nerve fibres in the mucosal layer of the canine gastrointestinal tract under physiological conditions and in inflammatory bowel disease
Rychlik A, Gonkowski S, Nowicki M, Calka J
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 361-367abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Analyses of anaesthesia with ketamine combined with different sedatives in rats
Molina AM, Moyano MR, Serrano-Rodriguez JM, Ayala N, Lora AJ, Serrano-Caballero JM
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 368-375abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
A cartilaginous choristoma in a pig liver: a case report
Vuckovic NM, Vuckovic DC, Urosevic MI, Cabarkapa VS
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 376-378abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Equine ocular squamous cell carcinoma: a case report
Drazek M, Lew M, Lew S, Szarek J, Balicki I, Della Salda L
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 379-386abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Magnetic resonance imaging: findings of osteochondrosis like-lesions in glenoid fossa and proximal humeral metaphyses in a dog: a case report
Orellana-Jaimes N, Ginja MM, San Roman-Llorens F, Garcia-Gomez M, Orden MA, Altonaga JR, Gonzalo-Orden JM
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 387-390abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Canine mammary anaplastic carcinoma with concurrent aorto-iliac thrombosis in a dog: a case report
Kim JH, Kim WJ, Park J, Shin JI, Yoon HY
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 391-398abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
A car accident involving a restrained dog within the vehicle: a case report
Zeleny M, Grusova K
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 399-402abstractdownload PDF

No. 6

Tooth autotransplantations – lessons from animal models: a review
Langova P, Stembirek J, Matalova E, Buchtova M
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 293-300abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Significance of clinical variables and selected biochemical markers in predicting the outcome of bovine anaplasmosis
El-Ashker M, Salama M, El-Sebaei M, Risha E, Abdelhamid F, El-Diasty M, El-Fadle E
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 301-308abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of semen sexing kits (HeiferplusTM and BullplusTM) supplemented to frozen-thawed bull semen on pregnancy rates, foetal sex ratios and selected reproductive parameters in cows
Turk G, Yuksel M, Sonmez M, Gur S, Ozer Kaya S, Demirci E
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 309-313abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Laparoscopic abomasal cannulation in sheep
Zhang SX, Fu K, Chi XY, Zhang JT, Gao L, Wang HB
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 314-322abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Pharmacokinetics of florfenicol following intravenous and intramuscular administration in dogs
Birdane YO, Birdane FM
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 323-329abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
A severe sacbrood virus outbreak in a honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) colony: a case report
Roy C, Vidal-Naquet N, Provost B
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 330-335abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Spindle cell lipoma in the gingiva of a dog: a case report
Kim HJ, Choi EJ, Lee HR, Park GJ, Yun ES, Kim JH, Do SH
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 336-340abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Endoscopy-assisted tracheal reconstruction of post-traumatic obstruction in a cat: a case report
Pietra M, Pisoni L, Linta N, Pinna S, Romagnoli N, Diana A
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 341-344abstractdownload PDF

No. 5

Original Paper
Effects of season on plasma progesterone profiles in repeat breeding cows
Ghanem ME, Nishibori M
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 227-234abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Use of natural substances for boar semen decontamination
Mazurova J, Kukla R, Rozkot M, Lustykova A, Slehova E, Sleha R, Lipensky J, Opletal L
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 235-247abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Evidence of Anaplasma spp. exposure in native Korean goats (Capra hircus coreanae)
Lee SH, Jung BY, Kwak D
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 248-252abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Serum luteinising hormone, testosterone and total cholesterol levels, libido and testicular histomorphology of male West African Dwarf goats orally or subcutaneously treated with monosodium l-glutamate
Ochiogu IS, Ogwu D, Uchendu CN, Okoye CN, Ihedioha JI, Mbegbu EC
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 253-260abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Determination of the diversity and antibiotic resistance profiles of Staphylococcus species from dogs with otitis externa and examination of mecA gene occurrence
Metiner K, Bagcigil AF, Ilgaz A
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 261-267abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
A simplified duplex real-time PCR incorporating TaqMan minor groove binder (MGB) probes and an exogenous internal positive control for the simultaneous detection of Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Mycoplasma synoviae cultures
Ehtisham-ul-Haque S, Rahman SU, Khan MI, Younus M, Awais MM, Nasir A
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 268-273abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Total oxidant and antioxidant capacities, nitric oxide and malondialdehyde levels in cats seropositive for the feline coronavirus
Kayar A, Dokuzeylul B, Kandemir FM, Kirbas A, Bayrakal A, Or ME
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 274-281abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Continuous ophthalmic treatment using an osmotic pump in a bull calf following surgical removal of an ocular dermoid: a case report
Bae JH, Plummer CE, Kim J, Kim MS, Kim NS
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 282-287abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
A cystoadenoma of the biliary ducts in a dog: anatomo-histopathological features and pathogenetic considerations: a case report
Macri B, Lanteri G, Capucchio MT, Ieni A, Marino F
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 288-291abstractdownload PDF

No. 4

Original Paper
The effects of borax on milk yield and selected metabolic parameters in Austrian Simmental (Fleckvieh) cows
Kabu M, Uyarlar C
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 175-180abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Prevalence of Trichinella spp. antibodies in wild boars (Sus scrofa) and domestic pigs in Korea
Kim HJ, Jeong WS, Kim EM, Yeo SG, An DJ, Yoon H, Kim EJ, Park CK
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 181-185abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effects of inosine on clinical and histological findings after experimental spinal cord injury in rats
Ledecky V, Kuricova M, Liptak T, Cizkova D
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 186-193abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effects of a propofol/alfentanil admixture on total intravenous anaesthesia in dogs undergoing splenectomy
Jia N, Zhao C, Wang L, Li Y, Cui J, Cao S, Li R, Wang C, Wu Y, Wen A
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 194-201abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Antimicrobial effects of topical skin cream containing natural oil mixtures against Staphylococcus pseudintermedius and Malassezia pachydermatis
Han JI, Park SJ, Kim SG, Park HM
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 202-207abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The Canine J wave
Agudelo CF, Schanilec P
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 208-212abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Penetrating eye injury in a dog: a case report
Lew M, Lew S, Drazek M, Pomianowski A
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 213-221abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Intramedullary spinal cord meningioma in a Boxer: a case report
Eravci Yalin E, Devecioglu Y, Demirutku A, Mutlu Z, Gurel A, Haktanir D:
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 222-226abstractdownload PDF

No. 3

Original Paper
Feasibility of Miscanthus as alternative bedding for dairy cows
Van Weyenberg S, Ulens T, De Reu K, Zwertvaegher I, Demeyer P, Pluym L
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 121-132abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The genotoxicity of caecal water from gilts following experimentally induced Fusarium mycotoxicosis
Nowak A, Slizewska K, Gajecka M, Piotrowska M, Zakowska Z, Zielonka L, Gajecki M
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 133-140abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Primary screening of potentially bio-active substances in the lyophilisate of Pectinatella magnifica biomass
Balounova Z, Brezina V, Susterova K, Rajchard J
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 141-146abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Hormonal response of Arctic fox females to short- and long-term stress
Gorajewska E, Filistowicz A, Nowicki S, Przysiecki P, Filistowicz A, Czyz K
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 147-154abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effect of deslorelin acetate on the oestrous cycle of female guinea pigs
Kohutova S, Jekl V, Knotek Z, Hauptman K
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 155-160abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Analysis of morphological variation of the internal ophthalmic artery in the chinchilla (Chinchilla laniger, Molina)
Kuchinka J
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 161-169abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
SRY-negative XX sex reversal in an English Cocker Spaniel: a case report
Nak D, Gulten T, Karkucak M, Yilmaz R, Nak Y, Simsek G, Shahzad AH
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 170-173abstractdownload PDF

No. 2

Original Paper
Antinociceptive mechanisms of Bunium persicum essential oil in the mouse writhing test: role of opioidergic and histaminergic systems
Zendehdel M, Torabi Z, Hassanpour S
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 63-70abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The association between the somatic cell count and isolated microorganisms during subclinical mastitis in heifers in Jordan
Alekish MO
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 71-76abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of Bacillus subtilis, Clostridium butyricum and Lactobacillus acidophilus endospores on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, meat quality, relative organ weight, microbial shedding and excreta noxious gas emission in broilers
Hossain MM, Begum M, Kim IH
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 77-86abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Determination of the proper time for mating after oestrous synchronisation during anoestrous or oestrous by measuring electrical resistance of cervical mucus in ewes
Theodosiadou E, Tsiligianni T
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 87-93abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Influence of atracurium on selected cardiovascular and respiratory variables and surgical times in dogs undergoing laparoscopic ovariectomy with standardized ventilation pattern
Rauser P, Crha M, Sivkova A, Zapletalova J, Korytarova N
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 94-100abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Avian mycobacteriosis in an individual of the endangered Mauritian Pink pigeon (Nesoenas mayeri) species: a case report
Kriz P, Makovcova J, Skoric M, Huml O, Pokorny J
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 101-104abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Biphasic pericardial and pleural mesothelioma in a cat: a case report
Gabriel Filho SJ, Magalhaes GM, Conforti VA, Santilli J, Calazans SG
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 105-108abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Computed tomography-guided cementoplasty combined with radiation therapy for an aneurysmal bone cyst in a dog: a case report
Vignoli M, Stehlik L, Terragni R, Cavallo L, Proks P
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 109-114abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Cutaneous extrarenal rhabdoid tumor in a dog: a case report
Kim HJ, Choi EJ, Lee HR, Kwon BT, Do SH
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 115-119abstractdownload PDF

No. 1

Original Paper
Development of Polymerase Chain Reaction assays with host-specific internal controls for Chlamydophila abortus
Cantekin Z, Solmaz H, Ergun Y, Ozmen M
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 1-5abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Sampling factors causing variability in milk constituents in early lactation cows
Cengiz M, Kaynar O, Cannazik O, Ileriturk M, Cengiz S, Hayirli A
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 6-15abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Vibrio cholerae non-O1/non-O139 infection in fish in the Czech Republic
Rehulka J, Petras P, Marejkova M, Aldova E
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 16-22abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
NeemAzal T/S – toxicity to early-life stages of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
Chromcova L, Blahova J, Zivna D, Plhalova L, Casuscelli di Tocco F, Divisova L, Prokes M, Faggio C, Tichy F, Svobodova Z
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 23-30abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Cloprostenol and eCG influence oestrus synchronisation and uterine development in mice
Wei S, Gong Z, An L, Zhang T, Luo Y, Dai H
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 31-38abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Expression of innate immunity genes in kuruma shrimp Marsupenaeus japonicus after in vivo stimulation with garlic extract (allicin)
Tanekhy M, Fall J
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 39-47abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Megaoesophagus in the upper cervical oesophagus in a steer: a case report
Jalilzadeh-Amin G, Hashemiasl S
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 48-51abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Bilateral hydronephrosis and hydroureter after ovariohysterectomy using nylon cable tie: a case report
Mesquita LR, Rahal SC, Matsubara LM, Mamprim MJ, Foschini CR, Faria LG, Kano WT
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 52-56abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Treatment of mange caused by Caparinia tripilis in native Korean wild hedgehogs (Erinaceus amurensis): a case report
Eo KY, Kwak D, Kwon OD
Veterinarni Medicina, 60 (2015): 57-61abstractdownload PDF

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