Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016)

No. 12
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): I-XVIdownload PDF
Original Paper
Antimicrobial activity of lactic acid bacteria multiplied in an alternative substrate and their influence on physiological parameters of new-born calves
E. Bartkiene, V. Krungleviciute, R. Antanaitis, J. Kantautaite, A. Kucinskas, M. Ruzauskas, L. Vaskeviciute, R. Siugzdiniene, J. Kucinskiene, J. Damasius, G. Juodeikiene
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 653-662abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Molecular characterisation of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O157:H7 isolates from cattle in eastern Turkey
H. Kalender, A. Kilic
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 663-668abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Apparent total tract digestibility and ileal digestibility of dry matter, nitrogen, energy and amino acids in conventional, Bacillus subtilis-fermented and enzyme-treated soybean meal fed to weanling pigs

M.M. Hossain, M. Begum, J.H. Park, S.J. Lee, K.H. Jang, Y.H. Hong, S.J. Cho, I.H. Kim
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 669-680abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Oral administration of heat killed Tsukamurella inchonensis enhances immune responses and intestinal function in mice

K. Nofouzi, M. Aghapour, Gh. Hamidian, F. Katiraee, J. Stanford, P. Ripley
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 681-688abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Evaluation of diagnostic coelioscopy including liver and kidney biopsies in cinereous vultures (Aegypius monachus)

S.H. Seok, D.H. Jeong, H.C. Lee, I.H. Hong, S.C. Yeon
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 689-700abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of lupin seed supplementation on egg production performance, and qualitative egg traits in laying hens

J.H. Park, S.I. Lee, I.H. Kim
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 701-709abstractdownload PDF

No. 11
Sensory factors involved in mother-young bonding in sheep: a review
P. Mora-Medina, A. Orihuela-Trujillo, E. Arch-Tirado, P. Roldan-Santiago, A. Terrazas, D. Mota-Rojas
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 595-611abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Fluorescence microscopy methods for the determination of somatic cell count in raw cow’s milk
P. Zajac, S. Zubricka, J. Capla, L. Zelenakova
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 612-622abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effect of water-restriction on various physiological variables in intensively reared Lacaune ewes
D. Casamassima, F. Vizzarri, M. Nardoia, M. Palazzo
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 623-634abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Influence of dexmedetomidine-propofol-isoflurane and medetomidine-propofol-isoflurane on intraocular pressure and pupil size in healthy dogs
P. Rauser, M. Mrazova, J. Zapletalova
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 635-642abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Comparison of qualitative and quantitative properties of the wings, necks and offal of chicken broilers from organic and conventional production systems

F.A.A. Abdullah, H. Buchtova
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 643-651abstractdownload PDF

No. 10
Original Paper
Antidermatophyte and antioxidant activities of Nigella sativa alone and in combination with enilconazole in treatment of dermatophytosis in cattle
E. Balikci
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 539-545abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Immunohistochemical analysis of metastasising hepatocellular carcinomas in dogs

R. Ciaputa, P. Bandoch, K. Lewandowska, J.A. Madej, M. Kandefer-Gola, I. Janus, M. Nowak
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 546-552abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Changes in lymphocyte function and subset counts in cats with spontaneous chronic kidney disease
S. Kralova-Kovarikova, L. Leva, Z. Knotek, M. Toman
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 553-559abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Choice of staining technique affects the morphological assessment of epididymal feline sperm

C.C. Perez-Marin, E. Jimenez, E. Aguera
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 560-566abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Concentrations of growth factors in platelet-rich plasma and platelet-rich fibrin in a rabbit model
J. Vokurka, E. Gopfert, M. Blahutkova, E. Buchalova, M. Faldyna
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 567-570abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Decrease in C-reactive protein levels in rabbits after vaccination with a live attenuated myxoma virus vaccine
L. Ondruska, V. Parkanyi, J. Vasicek, R. Jurcik, E. Hanusova, D. Vasicek, A. Balazi, F. Vizzarri
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 571-576abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Adverse effects of bisphenol A on the testicular parenchyma of zebrafish revealed using histomorphological methods

A.J. Lora, A.M. Molina, C. Bellido, A. Blanco, J.G. Monterde, M.R. Moyano
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 577-589abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Mesh repair of a large ventral hernia with interposition of omentum in a calf: a case report
G. Giusto, C. Bellino, M. Casalone, V. Caramello, F. Comino, M. Gandini
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 590-593abstractdownload PDF

No. 9
Serum proteins and their diagnostic utility in veterinary medicine: a review
C. Tothova, O. Nagy, G. Kovac
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 475-496abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Corpus luteal angiogenesis in a high milk production dairy breed differs from that of cattle with lower milk production levels
S. Kaessmeyer, H. Huenigen, S. Al Masri, P. Dieckhoefer, K. Richardson, J. Plendl
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 497-503abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Co-infection with bovine viral diarrhoea virus and Anaplasma marginale in a dairy cattle herd may lead to acute bovine anaplasmosis
A. Szabara, J. Majer, L. Ozsvari, C. Jakab, W. Baumgartner
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 504-515abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The occurrence of pathogens in Rhipicephalus microplus ticks from cattle in Madagascar
A. Matysiak, P. Dudko, K. Dudek, M. Dudek, A. Junkuszew, P. Tryjanowski
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 516-523abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Shape memory compression anastomosis clips in gastrointestinal surgery in dogs
P. Holak, Z. Lekston
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 524-527abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of acetylsalicylic acid on coagulation tests and haptoglobin concentrations in rabbits with permanent transvenous pacing

I. Uhrikova, P. Scheer, J. Hlozkova, P. Suchy Jr, M. Sepsi
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 528-532abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Cutaneous leiomyosarcoma with osteoid metaplasia in a budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus): a case report
N. Timurkaan, H. Eroksuz, A. Cevik, B. Karabulut
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 533-537abstractdownload PDF

No. 8
Original Paper

Effects of erythromycin on milk yield, rumen contraction rate and blood beta-hydroxybutyrate concentration in dairy cows after laparoscopic reposition of the left displaced abomasum

M. Freick, J. Weber, O. Passarge, S.D. Kevork
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 413-420abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Determination of Coxiella burnetii in bovine foetuses using PCR and immunohistochemistry

M. Ozkaraca, S. Ceribasi, A.O. Ceribasi, A. Kilic, S. Altun, S. Comakli, H. Ongor
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 421-427abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of linseed and the combination of conjugated linoleic acid and linseed on the quality and oxidative stability of pig meat and subcutaneous fat

E. Vaclavkova, Z. Volek, J. Belkova, D. Duskova, M. Czauderna, M. Marounek
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 428-435abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Radiographic findings in sheep with abomasal phytobezoariasis

S.M. Hashemiasl, S. Azizi, D. Torkamani
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 436-442abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Freezing and storage of leukodepleted erythrocyte suspensions

D.A. Bala, E. Eraslan, I. Akyazi, E.E. Ekiz, M. Ozcan, U. Cotelioglu, M. Arslan
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 443-448abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Presence of Arcobacter species in pet cats and dogs in the Czech Republic

M. Pejchalova, S. Zabcikova, L. Silhova, D. Silha, I. Brozkova, M. Haslova
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 449-455abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Levels of fatty acids in the whole body of hens and cocks of the Cobb 500 and Ross 308 hybrid combinations at the end of the fattening period

P. Suchy, E. Strakova, I. Herzig
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 456-463abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The first finding of Hassall’s corpuscles in the thymi of cultured sturgeons

E. Salkova, M. Flajshans
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 464-466abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Successful response to imatinib in two dogs with inoperable grade III infiltrating mast cell tumours: a case report

J.H. Kim, H.J. Kim, D.H. Kim, J.H. Yim, S.J. Lee, K.H. Park, H.Y. Yoon
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 467-473abstractdownload PDF

No. 7
Original Paper

Immunohistochemical characterisation of neurons in the mandibular ganglion and nerve fibres supplying the porcine mandibular gland

M. Klimczuk, P. Podlasz, W. Sienkiewicz, A. Franke-Radowiecka, A. Dudek, Z. Pidsudko, M. Chmielewska-Krzesinska, J. Kaleczyc
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 361-373abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Ultrastructural and molecular identification of Sarcocystis tenella (Protozoa, Apicomplexa) in naturally infected Korean native goats

E.J. Hong, C. Sim, J.S. Chae, H.C. Kim, J. Park, K.S. Choi, D.H. Yu, C.H. Park, J.G. Yoo, B.K. Park
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 374-381abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Use of castor bean polymer in developing a new technique for tibial tuberosity advancement for cranial cruciate ligament rupture correction in dogs

R.M. Medeiros, M.A.M. Silva, P.P.M. Teixeira, L.G.G.G. Dias, D.G. Chung, C.C. Zani, M.A.R. Feliciano, M.E.B.A.M. Da Conceicao, M.R.F. Machado, A.G. Rocha, G.O. Chierice, L.N. Coutinho, J.G. Padilha Filho
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 382-388abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Ultrasonographic measurements of abdominal lymph nodes in growing puppies

M. Pugliese, A. La Pietra, L. Liotta, F. Macri, A. Palumbo Piccionello, M. De Majo
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 389-393abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The practical use of computed tomography in evaluation of shell lesions in six loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta)

F. Spadola, G. Barillaro, M. Morici, A. Nocera, Z. Knotek
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 394-398abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Reversal of acute kidney injury after peritoneal dialysis in a dog: a case report

P.T.C. Guimaraes-Okamoto, S.S. Geraldes, J.F.A. Ribeiro, A.N.L.S. Vieira, L.P. Porto, P. Barretti, M.L.G. Lourenco, A. Melchert
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 399-403abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Pneumatosis coli in a dog – a serial radiographic study: a case report

T.S. Hwang, Y.M. Yoon, S.A. Noh, D.I. Jung, S.C. Yeon, H.C. Lee
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 404-408abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Pectus excavatum in a cat: a case report

R. Yaygingul, B. Kibar, I. Suner, A. Belge
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 409-411abstractdownload PDF

No. 6

Feline obesity – prevalence, risk factors, pathogenesis, associated conditions and assessment: a review

D. Tarkosova, M.M. Story, J.S. Rand, M. Svoboda
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 295-307abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Potential anthelmintic effect of Capparis spinosa (Capparidaceae) as related to its polyphenolic content and antioxidant activity

H. Akkari, F. B'chir, S. Hajaji, M. Rekik, E. Sebai, H. Hamza, M.A. Darghouth, M. Gharbi
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 308-316abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
In-feed supplementation of clinoptilolite favourably modulates intestinal and systemic immunity and some production parameters in weaned pigs
H. Valpotic, S. Terzic, S. Vince, M. Samardzija, R. Turk, G. Lackovic, B. Habrun, D. Djuricic, M. Sadikovic, I. Valpotic
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 317-327abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of sodium humate and zinc oxide used in prophylaxis of post-weaning diarrhoea on faecal microbiota composition in weaned piglets
M. Kaevska, A. Lorencova, P. Videnska, K. Sedlar, I. Provaznik, M. Trckova
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 328-336abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Origin and distribution of the brachial plexus in the Spix’s yellow-toothed cavy (Galea spixii Wagler, 1831) (Rodentia, Caviidae)

H.N. Araujo Jr, G.B. Oliveira, A.V.N. Silva, R.E.M. Oliveira, F.V. Camara, C.M. Oliveira Jr, F.V.F. Bezerra, M.F. Oliveira
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 337-343abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Evaluation of early renal disease in bitches with pyometra based on renal doppler measurements
L. Koenhemsi, S. Toydemir, M. Ucmak, R. Gonul, M.E. Or
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 344-347abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Repair of flail chest using interfragmentary wiring and stability augmentation with basket-weave fashion sutures in a toy breed dog: a case report
S. Ahn, S. Jeong, H. Yoon
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 348-352abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
A challenging radiographic diagnosis – extraluminal leiomyoma of the oesophagus in a small-sized dog: a case report
H. Oh, K. Kim, Y. Choi, E. Jung, Y. Jung, J. Jung, M. Kim, N. Kim, Y. Cho, K. Lee
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 353-356abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
A rare radiographic appearance of a calcified uterus in a queen with pyometra: a case report
F. Hayati, M.S. Ahrari-Khafi, M. Hassankhani, M. Mansourian, S. Asghari
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 357-360abstractdownload PDF

No. 5
Original Paper
Therapeutic effects of a combined antibiotic-enzyme treatment on subclinical mastitis in lactating dairy cows
B. Khoramian, M. Emaneini, M. Bolourchi, A. Niasari-Naslaji, A. Gorganzadeh, S. Abani, P. Hovareshti
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 237-242abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Evaluation of poor performance in racehorses using a high-speed treadmill
P. Melkova, P. Jahn, S. Bodecek, O. Dobesova, J. Hanak
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 243-248abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Susceptibility of stone loach (Barbatula barbatula) and hybrids between sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus) and beluga (Huso huso) to cyprinid herpesvirus 3
A. Pospichal, V. Piackova, D. Pokorova, T. Vesely
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 249-255abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Antimicrobial effects of curcumin against L. monocytogenes, S. aureus, S. Typhimurium and E. coli O157:H7 pathogens in minced meat

S. Sandikci Altunatmaz, F. Yilmaz Aksu, G. Issa, B. Basaran Kahraman, D. Dulger Altiner, S.K. Buyukunal
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 256-262abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Possible vertical transmission of Babesia canis canis from a bitch to her puppies: a case report
L. Adaszek, J. Obara-Galek, T. Piech, M. Winiarczyk, M. Kalinowski, S. Winiarczyk
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 263-266abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma in a dog confirmed using myogenin immunohistochemistry: a case report

J.K. Park, E.M. Lee, A.Y. Kim, E.J. Lee, I.H. Hong, M.R. Ki, K.S. Jeong
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 267-271abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
An abdominal cavity abscess associated with Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium phage type DT2 in a dog: a case report
L. Cakir Bayram, F. Aydin
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 272-278abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Penile hypoplasia and rudimentary prepuce in a dog (78,XY; SRY-positive): a case report
D. Rozanska, I. Szczerbal, M. Stachowiak, P. Debiak, A. Smiech, P. Rozanski, M. Orzelski, B. Zylinska, M. Switonski, B. Slaska
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 279-287abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Septic shock associated with complex infection by crop Candida and bacteria in two blue-fronted amazon parrots: a case report
E. Lee, A. Kim, E. Lee, S. Park, K. Jeong
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 288-294abstractdownload PDF

No. 4
Original Paper
Disinfection of potable water sources on animal farms and their microbiological safety
T. Hruskova, N. Sasakova, Z. Bujdosova, V. Kvokacka, G. Gregova, V. Verebova, M. Valko-Rokytovska, L. Takac
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 173-186abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Hyperostotic tympanic bone spicules in domestic and wild animal species
A. Heitmann, B. Parzefall, M. Zollner, A. Bruhschwein, W. Hermanns, A. Blutke
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 187-194abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of hydrolysed yeasts on ruminal fermentation in the rumen simulation technique (Rusitec)
H. Oeztuerk, B. Emre, G. Breves
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 195-203abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Electroretinographic examination for evaluation of retinal activity in dogs with retinal dysplasia
M. Drazek, M. Lew, S. Lew, A. Snarska, P. Sobiech
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 204-212abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Comparison of tramadol and buprenorphine analgesia for continuous intravenous propofol anaesthesia in dogs undergoing dental prophylaxis
I. Capik, O. Nagy, C. Tothova, I. Polkowska
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 213-218abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Prevalence of systemic disorders in cats with oral lesions

B. Dokuzeylul, A. Kayar, M.E. Or
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 219-223abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Cervical ectopia cordis in a calf: a case report
J. Jezek, A. Domanjko Petric, T. Paller, J. Staric
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 224-228abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Closure of a recurrent bladder rupture in a calf by means of a peritoneal flap: a case report
M. Gandini, G. Giusto, F. Comino, M. Casalone, C. Bellino
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 229-232abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Mycobacteriosis of the red-lored amazon parrot: a case report
M. Kandefer-Gola, M. Lazarczyk, P. Kowalczyk, M. Nowak, R. Ciaputa, A. Drohobycka-Wawryka
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 233-236abstractdownload PDF

No. 3
The use of cannabinoids in animals and therapeutic implications for veterinary medicine: a review
L. Landa, A. Sulcova, P. Gbelec
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 111-122abstractdownload PDF
Morphologic evaluation of the gills as a tool in the diagnostics of pathological conditions in fish and pollution in the aquatic environment: a review
E. Strzyzewska, J. Szarek, I. Babinska
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 123-132download PDF
Original Paper
Concentrations of serum amyloid A, haptoglobin, tumour necrosis factor and interleukin-1 and -6 in Anatolian buffaloes naturally infected with dermatophytosis-
M. Kabu, Z. Sayin
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 133-135abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Development of a seroprevalence map for Mycoplasma gallisepticum in broilers and its application to broilers from Comunidad Valenciana (Spain) over the course of two years (2009–2010)

C. Garcia, J.M. Soriano, P. Catala-Gregori
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 136-140abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The effects of monosodium l-glutamate administration on the reproduction and serum biochemistry of adult male rabbits

C.N. Okoye, I.S. Ochiogu, C.E. Onah
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 141-147abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Androgen receptor distribution in the rat prostate gland and seminal vesicles

F.M. Gur, S. Timurkaan
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 148-154abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Clinical ultrasonography in loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta): imaging of pathological features

M. De Majo, F. Macri, M. Masucci, G. Coci, M.G. Pennisi
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 155-161abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Long-term evaluation of bicipital tenodesis with T-staple in three dogs: a case report
S. Pinna, A. De Giorgi, G. Spinella
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 162-168abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Rectovaginal fistula in a dog with a normal anus: a case report

S.Y. Lee, S.J. Park, S.Y. Jin, M.H. Kim, S.H. Seok, Y.K. Kim, H.C. Lee, S.C. Yeon
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 169-172abstractdownload PDF

No. 2
Original Paper

Acute stress-induced changes in hormone and lipid levels in mouse plasma

T. Ahn, C.-S. Bae, C.-H. Yun
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 57-64abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of previous experience on total blood and free iodothyronine responses to isolation, restraint and shearing in sheep (Ovis aries)
E. Fazio, P. Medica, C. Cravana, A. Ferlazzo
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 65-71abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Motility of boar spermatozoa supplemented with homologous seminal plasma of high or low protein content after storage for three days
J. Apic, I. Stancic, S. Vakanjac, I. Radovic, Z. Kanacki, S. Jotanovic, B. Stankovic
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 72-79abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Screening of antimicrobial resistance and molecular detection of fluoroquinolone resistance mechanisms in chicken faeces-derived Escherichia coli
A. Lenart-Boron, K. Augustyniak, P. Boron
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 80-89abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of lactulose on growth, carcass characteristics, faecal microbiota, and blood constituents in broilers

M. Mohammadi Gheisar, C.M. Nyachoti, J.D. Hancock, I.H. Kim
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 90-96abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Ramification of the celiac artery in the greater flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus)
A. Alan, A. Duzler, I. Orhan
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 97-101abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Pulmonary Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection with giant tubercle formation in a dog: a case report

H.A. Park, J.H. Lim, Y.H. Kwon, J.H. Bae, H.M. Park
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 102-109abstractdownload PDF

No. 1
Original Paper
Polymorphism and expression of the tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) gene in non-infected cows and in cows naturally infected with the bovine leukaemia virus (BLV)
B. Bojarojc-Nosowicz, P. Brym, E. Kaczmarczyk, A. Stachura, A.K. Habel
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 1-9abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material
Original Paper
Protective effects of the antioxidants curcumin, ellagic acid and methionine on motility, mitochondrial transmembrane potential, plasma membrane and acrosome integrity in freeze-thawed Merino ram sperm
A.D. Omur, K. Coyan
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 10-16abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Coxiella burnetii in samples from cattle herds and sheep flocks in the Kars region of Turkey
A. Gulmez Saglam, M. Sahin
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 17-22abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Maternal immunity induced by inactivated S. Typhimurium vaccine is less protective to S. Derby challenge than to S. Typhimurium challenge in suckling piglets
J. Gebauer, A. Osvaldova, H. Kudlackova, M. Maceckova, F. Sisak, H. Havlickova, P. Ondrackova, L. Leva, M. Faldyna, J. Matiasovic
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 23-27abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effects of dietary Enterococcus faecium on growth performance, carcass characteristics, faecal microbiota, and blood profile in broilers
M. Mohammadi Gheisar, A. Hosseindoust, I.H. Kim
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 28-34abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Biochemical, haematological and oxidative stress responses of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) after sub-chronic exposure to copper
M. Sevcikova, H. Modra, J. Blahova, R. Dobsikova, L. Plhalova, O. Zitka, D. Hynek, R. Kizek, M. Skoric, Z. Svobodova
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 35-50abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Secondary abdominal pregnancy with foetal mummification diagnosed using computed tomography in a dog: a case report
H.W. Myung, A.J. Lee, J.Y. Kim, J.H. Kim, K.D. Eom, H.J. Kim, S.H. Do, H.Y. Kim, D.J. Chung
Veterinarni Medicina, 61 (2016): 51-55abstractdownload PDF

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