Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020)

No. 6

Original Paper

Determination of the in vitro digestibility and nutrient content of commercial premium extruded foods with different types of protein content for adult dogs

K Karaorcid
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 233-249abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Quantitative analysis of CD4+CD25+FoxP3+ regulatory T-cells in canine atopic dermatitis in Korea

DJ Lee, TH Chung, C Park
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 250-257abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of humic acid diet on the serum biochemistry and oxidative status markers in pheasants

A Kovacikorcid , M Gasparovic, E Tvrda, K Tokarova, E Kovacikova, M Rolinec, L Rumanova, M Capcarova, B Galik
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 258-268abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The impact of dietary tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus) on serum apelin, brain-derived neurotrophic factor, cardiac troponin concentrations and histopathology of liver tissue in laying hens housed at different stocking densities

B Bayraktarorcid , E Tekce, H Kaya, M Karaalp, E Turunc
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 269-279abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Post-traumatic urinoma in two cats: Imaging diagnosis

M Manzini, PE Crisi, F Del Signore, V Torre, L Stehlikorcid , R Tamburro, M Vignoli
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 280-288abstractdownload PDF

No. 5

Original Paper

Presence and antimicrobial resistance of coagulase-negative staphylococci isolated from animals ina Veterinary Teaching Hospital inCyprus

H Sukurorcid , OM Esendal
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 191-198abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Comparative study on different field tests of ketosis using blood, milk, and urine in dairy cattle

Md. SA Faruk, B Park, S Ha, SS Lee, LL Mamuad, Y Cho
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 199-206abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Dehulling effect of dietary administered white lupine seeds on the blood biochemistry of broilers

D Zapletalorcid , L Kudelkova, P Jakesova, V Simek, E Strakova, P Suchy
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 207-214abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Fluorescence biomodulation in the management of acute traumatic wounds in two aged dogs

A Marchegianiorcid , A Spaterna, A Palumbo Piccionello, M Meligrana, A Fruganti, AM Tambella
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 215-220abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Diagnostic imaging of a mass-shape hepatic steatosis in a dog treated with chemotherapy

N Leeorcid , J Seo, J Kim, J Yoon
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 221-226abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Successful long-term management with toceranib phosphate of a recurrent muzzle mast cell tumour in a dog

HE Kim, JH Kim
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 227-232abstractdownload PDF

No. 4

Original Paper

African swine fever virus (ASFV) in Poland: Prevalence in a wild boar population (2017–2018)

MP Frantorcid , M Lyjak, L Bocian, A Barszcz, K Niemczuk, G Wozniakowski
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 143-158abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Risk factors and long-term surgical outcome of patellar luxation and concomitant cranial cruciate ligament rupture in small breed dogs

M Candela Andrade, P Slunsky, LG Klass, L Brunnberg
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 159-167abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Evaluation of infection with N protein-specific Immunoglobulin M and G in naturally occurring distemper in dogs

HS Saltik, M Kale
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 168-173abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of the use of Yarrowia lipolytica and Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast with a probiotic in the diet of turkeys on their gut microbiota and immunity

A Czech, I Sembratowicz, G Zieba
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 174-182abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Imaging findings for Atlanto-occipital assimilation with multiple cervical vertebral anomalies in a Beagle dog: A 2 year follow-up

J Kim, M Chae, K Eom
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 183-189abstractdownload PDF

No. 3

Original Paper

Haemato-chemical and immune variations in Holstein cows at different stages of lactation, parity, and age

SB Kim, SH Jung, YJ Do, YH Jung, C Choe, S Ha, HY Jeong, A Cho, SI Oh, E Kim, JG Yoo, S Kim
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 95-103abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Milk consumption monitoring as a farmer friendly indicator for advanced treatment in limited fed calves with neonatal diarrhoea syndrome

PD Katsoulos, MA Karatzia, A Dedousi, D Camo, C Boscos
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 104-110abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

P-wave dispersion and renal biomarkers in canine visceral leishmaniasis stage III and IV infected dogs

S Erdogan, H Erdogan, S Pasa, K Ural
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 111-115abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

In vitro pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics evaluation of marbofloxacin against Staphylococcus pseudintermedius

Y Quah, N Boby, SC Park
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 116-122abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Clinicopathological characteristics of cats with signs of feline lower urinary tract disease in the Czech Republic

S Kovarikova, V Simerdova, M Bilek, D Honzak, V Palus, P Marsalek
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 123-133abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of single or combined supplementation of zinc and probiotics on muscle and bone characteristics and haematobiochemical profile in broilers

M Shah, H Zaneb, S Masood, AS Qureshi, HA Ullah, A Sikandar, S Din, I Ahmad, MS Khan, H Ur Rehman, M Usman
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 134-142abstractdownload PDF

No. 2

Original Paper

Ultrasound-guided removal of soft tissue foreign bodies in companion animals: A case series

S Manfredi, G Covi, M Bonazzi, G Gnudi, M Fumeo, F Miduri, E Daga, A Volta
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 49-55abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Comparison of the cytotoxic effects of single and divided treatment of 4-hydroxycyclophosphamide at the same total dosage amount in canine lymphoma cell lines

AT Liao, YC Chen, SL Wang
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 56-61abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of intra-articular administration of autologous PRP and activated PRP on inflammatory mediators in dogs with osteoarthritis

K Parlak, M Arican
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 62-70abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Co-administration of vitamin E and selenium in vivo and in vitro ameliorates the toxic effects caused by ivermection and doramectin

AE Ahmed, MA Al-Kahtani, AM Khalil, AS Alshehri, AA Elghoneimy, SEI Elbehairi, MY Alfaifi, AA Shati, KS Morsy, MA Alshehri, HI El-Mekkawy, AA Elmansi
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 71-83abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Treatment of a feline cutaneous mast cell tumour using imatinib mesylate as a neoadjuvant tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapeutic agent

J Kim, HJ Kim
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 84-88abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Balloon valvuloplasty in two dogs with aortic valve stenosis showing congestive heart failure

T Yoshida, K Matsuura, S Goya, D Ma, K Shimada, P Kitpipatkun, A Takeuchi, A Uemura, R Tanaka
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 89-94abstractdownload PDF

No. 1

Original Paper

Hibernation behaviour and ethogram of captive Asiatic black bear (Ursus thibetanus)

MW Kim, DH Jeong, SC Yeon
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 1-7abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Ovarian follicle dynamics and hormonal changes during early pregnancy in Saanen goats

I Dogan, MB Toker, S Alcay, D Udum Kucuksen
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 8-17abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The relationship between Spirulina platensis and selected biomechanical indicators of tibiae in rats

B Suzer, N Seyidoglu, K Tufekci, S Inan
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 18-24abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The effects of long-term diabetes on the haematological and uterine indicators and their association with neonatal nephrogenesis counter-protected by camel milk: A time dependent study

M Usman, AS Qureshi, MZ Ali, Z Umer, MK Ateeq, A Sarfraz, M Hussain, FR Anjum, N Mahmood, M Fakhar e Adil, S Umerorcid , H Zhu
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 25-35abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Cutaneous vascular hamartoma in a lamb

R Morais, AP Maurique, J Villela, L Sonne, B Anjosorcid
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 36-40abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Transient acquired Fanconi syndrome with unusual and rare aetiologies: A case study of two dogs

JY Park, JH Park, HJ Han, JH Kimorcid
Veterinarni Medicina, 65 (2020): 41-47abstractdownload PDF

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