Veterinarni Medicina, 67 (2022)

No. 2
Original Paper

Frequency of endoscopic findings of equine squamous gastric disease (ESGD) in rural horses and its association with Helicobacter pylori virulence genes

F Rezazadeh, N Pourebrahimi, R Ghotaslou, M Golshani Nasab, MY Memar
Veterinarni Medicina, 67 (2022): 61-69abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Clinical and radiographic evaluation of subsidence in two femoral stem models for a total hip replacement in dogs

BW Minto, LMI Diogo, CR de Andradeorcid , WS Santos Junior, LG de Faria, FYK Kawamoto, TC Prada, LGGG Dias
Veterinarni Medicina, 67 (2022): 70-77abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Differences in the anatomy of the lower respiratory tract in selected species of the order Testudines

M Habova, M Pyszkoorcid , O Horak, E Cermakova, V Paral
Veterinarni Medicina, 67 (2022): 78-86abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Comparative analysis of the exosomal contents of DF-1 cells infected by ALV-J

J Yang, P Zhuang, Z Cheng, G Wangorcid
Veterinarni Medicina, 67 (2022): 87-98abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Benign ovarian teratoma in the dog with predominantly nervous tissue: A case report

P Makovicky, AV Makarevich, P Makovicky, A Seidavi, L Vannucci, K Rimarova
Veterinarni Medicina, 67 (2022): 99-104abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Clinical application of both amniotic membranes and adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells in a cat with a large skin defect

J Kim, D Kim, D Seo, H Hwang, Y Kim, T Chung, S Lim, H Lee, M Kimorcid , S Park, H Youn
Veterinarni Medicina, 67 (2022): 105-111abstractdownload PDF

No. 1
Original Paper

Roles of apoptosis and autophagy in natural rabies infections

M Ozkaracaorcid , S Ozdemirorcid , S Comakliorcid , MO Timurkanorcid
Veterinarni Medicina, 67 (2022): 1-12abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Serological prevalence of Leptospira serovars among pigs in Ukraine during the period of 2001–2019

V Ukhovskyiorcid , A Pyskunorcid , L Korniienkoorcid , H Aliekseievaorcid , O Morozorcid , O Pyskunorcid , G Kyivskaorcid , A Mezhenskyiorcid
Veterinarni Medicina, 67 (2022): 13-27abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of Bacillus subtilis on the microarchitectural development of the immune system in Salmonella-challenged broiler chickens

A Sikandarorcid , H Zaneb, A Nasir, A Rehman, M Kashif, M Shah, Z Luqman, S Din, MF Iqbal, I Khan, I Irshad
Veterinarni Medicina, 67 (2022): 28-37abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Autologous adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells and hydroxyapatite for bone defect in rabbits

GG Franco, BW Minto, LP Coelho, PF Malard, ER Carvalho, FYK Kawamoto, BM Alcantaraorcid , LGGG Dias
Veterinarni Medicina, 67 (2022): 38-45abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

A case report: Characteristic plain radiographic findings of a displaced abomasum in a heifer

K Kazama, K Onda, S Arai, Y Shinozuka, K Kawai, K Kaneko, T Kondo, K Yamada
Veterinarni Medicina, 67 (2022): 46-50abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Congenital hydrocephalus in three sheep: Clinical, electroencephalographic and pathological features

M Masucciorcid , MT Capucchio, R Buttitta, E Colombino, SA Mignacca
Veterinarni Medicina, 67 (2022): 51-58abstractdownload PDF

Corrigendum: Developmental competence of mammalian oocytes-insights into molecular research and the promise of microfluidic technology: A review

B Kempisty, P Zawierucha, S Ciesiolka, H Piotrowska, P Antosik, D Bukowska, M Jeseta, M Nowicki, KP Brussow, M Zabel
Veterinarni Medicina, 67 (2022): 59-59download PDF

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