A cystoadenoma of the biliary ducts in a dog: anatomo-histopathological features and pathogenetic considerations: a case report

https://doi.org/10.17221/8182-VETMEDCitation:Macri B., Lanteri G., Capucchio M., Ieni A., Marino F. (2015): A cystoadenoma of the biliary ducts in a dog: anatomo-histopathological features and pathogenetic considerations: a case report. Veterinarni Medicina, 60: 288-291.
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A rare case of a liver biliary duct cystoadenoma in a dog is reported. Tissue changes are described with an emphasis on immunohistochemical patterns that aid in the identification of the tumour and differentiation from similar macroscopical features that arise due to congenital abnormalities. Finally, we provide hints on comparative pathology.
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