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  • An international peer-reviewed journal published by the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic
  • The journal is administered by an international Editorial Board
  • Published since 1956
  • Editor-in-Chief: Prof. MVDr. Eva Baranyiová, CSc.
  • Co-Editor: Prof. MVDr. Karel Hruška, CSc.; Prof. MVDr. František Jelínek, CSc.
  • Executive Editor: Ing. Helena Smolová, Ph.D.
  • The journal is published monthly

Thematic scope

The journal Veterinarni Medicina publishes in English original papers, critical reviews and case reports from all fields of veterinary and biomedical sciences


Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences changed to double-blind reviewing
The Publishing Board of the CAAS is pleased to announce its movement to a double-blind review process  (November, 2018). 

Change of the online submission system

Dear authors,
this is to inform you that as of January 1, 2018 we will begin using a new online system that will make the contact with you more efficient. The system has been used by all the other journals published by the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the time has come that all has to be under one umbrella to make the entire administration unified and easier.

It will be a major change for the editors as well and we hope the transition will be as painless as possible. Nevertheless, your cooperation and patience will be appreciated.

For  submissions please use Submission/Login  on this site. Authors of  manuscripts submitted by the end of 2017 will get their manuscript’s status information on:

Professor Eva Baranyiova, Editor-in-Chief


Current issue

Original Paper

A comparison of propofol and alfaxalone in a continuous rate infusion in dogs with mitral valve insufficiency

I Capik, I Polkowska, B Lukac
Veterinarni Medicina, 64 (2019): 335-341abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Perirectal injection of imaging materials for computed tomographic lymphography and near infrared fluorescent thoracoscopy in cats

K Kamijo, E Kanai, M Oishi, N Ichihara, M Asari, K Yamada
Veterinarni Medicina, 64 (2019): 342-347abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of antibiotic and intra-peritoneal ozone administration on proinflammatory cytokine formation, antioxidant levels and abdominal organ functions in the treatment of experimentally generated infectious peritonitis in rabbits

O Guzel, A Gulcubuk, E Yildar, F Esen Gursel, I Akis, F Bagcigil, OE Bamac, GY Ozturk, B Ekiz
Veterinarni Medicina, 64 (2019): 348-361abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Gas-filled urachal abscess with a pinging sound in a heifer calf

R Sato, K Yamada, Y Shinozuka, H Ochiai, K Onda
Veterinarni Medicina, 64 (2019): 362-366abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Surgical treatment of an oesophageal achalasia in a small breed dog

SW Bae, CH Han, A Jang, HJ Jung, HS Moon, JH Lee
Veterinarni Medicina, 64 (2019): 367-372abstractdownload PDF
Case Report

Mycophenolate mofetil plus prednisolone combination therapy for necrotising leukoencephalitis in a dog: long-term clinical observation, serial imaging analysis and histopathological findings

SJ An, JH Jeon, DH Yu, JH Song, HC Lee, KC Lee, JH Sur, DI Jung
Veterinarni Medicina, 64 (2019): 373-378abstractdownload PDF

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